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Other Services

Additional Services by Urban Landscapes Inc.

Established in 2008, Urban Landscapes Inc. has provided customers with innovative designs and quality workmanship in landscape construction and maintenance.

We will try our are best to accommodate all client requests in order to meet your outdoor needs. If you have questions or do not see the service you are after listed please give a call to find out more.

Digging is never and planting correctly is never easy. So let Urban Landscapes take care of installing any annuals, perennials, shrubs or trees for you this year!
Keep it fresh with some of our outdoor maintenance services. Pruning, trimming, top dressing, bed and lawn clean ups. Servicing both commercial and residential properties.
Urban Landscapes is here to take care of you during any season including winter. Give us a call for details on our snow and ice removal services for both commercial and residential clients.
Count on Urban Landscapes Inc. for expert maintenance services, ensuring your lighting and water features shine bright and flow flawlessly year-round.
Drainage and slopes are a constant problem for any new home owner. We offer a wide variety of excavation services to help you take of those problematic areas this year.
Bring some indoor remedies outside this year with a little help from our team. Enjoy a fully custom outdoor counters, cook-tops, grills, hardscapes, pergolas to relaxation and dining areas.
Rule of them is to top dress your landscape beds to keep out bugs and weeds. Urban Landscapes is here to help you dress or install both river rock and mulch this year.
Urban Landscapes is constantly evolving to bring clients the latest in landscape trends and services. We are here to accommodate all clients so if you do not see the service you are after listed make sure to contact us.

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