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Linden Wall Build Up

Urban Landscapes Inc., a leading force in Omaha’s landscaping industry, has once again elevated the standard for outdoor design with their latest project – a super modern, smooth-face vertical wall adorned with captivating lightning details. Known for their commitment to excellence, Urban Landscapes Inc. seamlessly combines innovation and aesthetics to create outdoor spaces that redefine the city’s landscape.

The Goal

The objective of this project was to enhance the visual appeal of a modern vertical wall by incorporating lightning-inspired design elements. Urban Landscapes Inc. aimed to create a striking before-and-after transformation that not only reflected their commitment to quality but also showcased their ability to merge contemporary design with natural elements.

The original wall lacked the dynamic visual impact that Urban Landscapes Inc. sought to achieve. Its smooth face, while modern, needed an infusion of character and drama. The challenge was to maintain the sleekness of the surface while introducing a unique feature that would make the structure stand out against its surroundings.


The in-progress stage showcased the meticulous attention to detail characteristic of Urban Landscapes Inc. The team carefully worked on integrating lightning-inspired patterns onto the vertical wall, using cutting-edge techniques to ensure a seamless blend of artistry and functionality. The in-progress images captured the transformation from a blank canvas to a work of art in the making.

Completed Shots

The completed project showcases Urban Landscapes Inc.’s expertise in landscape design. The modern smooth-face vertical wall now boasts an electrifying array of lightning details, adding depth, texture, and a touch of the dramatic. The play of light and shadow on the facade creates a dynamic visual experience, especially during evening hours. The after images highlight the successful fusion of modernity and nature, showcasing how a well-executed design concept can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space.
Urban Landscapes Inc. continues to demonstrate its dedication to pushing the boundaries of landscape design in Omaha. By transforming a super modern vertical wall into a visually stunning masterpiece with lightning-inspired details, the company reinforces its commitment to excellence and innovation. For those looking to redefine their outdoor spaces, Urban Landscapes Inc. invites you to connect with their experts and embark on a journey to elevate your landscape to new heights.